My name is Anke Verberne and I live in The Hague, Holland.
Cats have always been part of my life ever since I was a little girl.
Initially just breedless cats that needed a home.
In 1988 I visited a cat show and saw this beautiful green eyed ebony oriental boy.
Fate decided that he became mine half a year later.
His name was Cupido. He was the most wonderful cat in the world
and the beginning of my passion for the oriental cat.
I decided not to breed as I know myself: I'd probably just keep all the kittens.
In 2003 I saw some pictures of oriental cats in black and white,
a colour I had never seen before in oriental cats.
I was determinded to go and find such a cat to come and live with me.
At the end of that year I had the chance to buy a chocolate and white boy
by the name of Thor àf Skjaldbreid, living all the way in Denmark.
October 2004 Yvonne Kleijn asked me if her beautiful siamese sealpoint
with white girl El Shaklan Vivarella could live with me. She could.
With Thor, and later that year a kitten found on a Spanish beach I already had
two more cats than my absolute maximum of four, so why not have three more.
Thor was very pleased with this new member of the family.
The feeling was mutual and resulted in the first litter born here,
on 19/20 February 2005.
An interesting and exciting experience.
I meanwhile survived the move of one kitten to a new home.
Who knows.....some more litters may follow.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my website.
If you would like to have more information you can send an email to

I'm a member of Mundikat (FIFé)


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